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StopBadware: New partner, new site reports

StopBadware: New partner, new site reports

From the StopBadware blog:

We’re very pleased to announce that, as of today, Sunbelt Software has joined Google as a data partner, providing updated data about badware websites to our Clearinghouse. (See the press release.) Sunbelt’s research director, Eric Howes, has helped us out for a long time as part of our working group, and it’s great to have the company on board in a more formal way. The new data allow us to extend and deepen our analysis of, and insight into, the badware website landscape.

Adding a new data partner required us to rethink our database design and our Clearinghouse report page layout, so we’ve been hard at work redesigning everything. The new report (example) incorporates more information—both current and historical—than our old report page, and it displays Sunbelt’s and Google’s data side by side with our independent review history.

Do you have suggestions for future improvements to our report page or feedback on the changes? Let us know over at!

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