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Good things in StopBadware's world

Good things in StopBadware's world

badware alert averted + positive sign from a hosting service

This week, two heartening tales of the good fight against badware graced the blog: in dialogue with the SBW team, two companies made corrections to protect consumers...

First up, Me.dium Responds to StopBadware Recommendations:

Another badware alert release was averted this week, as Me.dium, “a social browsing software company,” worked quickly to improve the disclosure provided to users of their browser plug-in after sent them a draft of the alert we intended to release. (Sending a draft of the alert to the software producer a couple business days ahead of time is our standard policy.)

The primary concern that we raised was that the plug-in is advertised as a way to share websites and messages with friends, but it was not clear that the plug-in also shared your browsing history with Me.dium. To address our recommendation to make this clear and conspicuous to the user, they added the following text to the installation pop-up: "This plug-in shares your browsing history with Me.dium. Get the facts here!"

And earlier in the week, Taking a Byet Out of Badware:

A few days ago, the team at Byet Internet Services contacted us. It seems they came across our list of the top 10 infected IP addresses from March and saw one of their addresses listed. It turns out this is an IP address they use for offering free web hosting, so it is not unusual for bad players to set up accounts for hosting malware. Byet says that they have a variety of technologies that they have developed to try to detect and block these malicious sites, so they asked us for the list of the URLs found on that IP address so they can investigate and update their systems to prevent these problems from continuing and recurring.

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