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From the blog: today [May 1] released a badware alert about PerformanceOptimizer:

We find that PerformanceOptimizer (Trial Version) is badware because it installs deceptively, makes deceptive claims of system vulnerabilities in order to induce users to purchase the full version of the software, interferes with normal computer use by repeatedly prompting users to take previously declined actions, fails to inform users that the software will function as adware by prompting users to install additional software (including known badware), and fails to identify itself as the source of these advertisements.

The company responsible for PerformanceOptimizer, SellMoSoft, appears to specialize in “rebranding” software products for consumer distribution. SellMoSoft directly distributes through PerformanceOptimizer several additional applications that we or others have described as badware or adware.

We attempted to contact SellMoSoft and PerformanceOptimizer through the support e-mail addresses on their websites. We received no response from SellMoSoft and only an automated response from PerformanceOptimizer.

We currently recommend that users do not install PerformanceOptimizer, unless the user is comfortable with the behaviors we have identified or until the application is updated to be consistent with the recommendations in our alert.

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Check out the full PerformanceOptimizer alert, and visit StopBadware's reports page for more alerts and research, including the project's most recent update on the state of badware, Trends in Badware 2007.

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