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Ifeoma Ajunwa reflects on the lack of benefits seen in Africa despite massive investments by tech billionaires with grandiose visions.

“How the Light Gets In,” created by Sarah Newman and metaLAB (at) Harvard, in collaboration with the KU Center for Digital Inclusion.


The latest news and commentary from our community.


Not all Superheros Wear Capes: Identity Triggers the Trolls

BKC Fellow Kesa White writes about extremism and its links to identity and gender. 

"Identities make…

Dec 3, 2022
The New York Times

Africa Is Waiting for What You Promised, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey

"A worry still is that these nations will never see any true benefits from tech investments until tech investors…

Dec 2, 2022

Amazon’s Creep Into Health Care Has Some Experts Spooked

Sandra Wachter, BKC Faculty Associate, spoke about Amazon's shift in the healthcare industry.

Dec 2, 2022
Harvard Law Today

Exhibition in Kansas centers voices of formerly incarcerated women

“Freedom is the most beautiful thing life has to offer.”

“I am not a criminal I was a drug addict.”

Nov 30, 2022
The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

How do people react to AI failure? Automation bias, algorithmic aversion, and perceived controllability

In a new paper, RSM Visiting Scholar Yong Jin Park and co-author S. Mo Jones-Jang explore…

Nov 23, 2022
Just Security

Incendiary Speech That Spurs Violence is Rising in US, But Tools Exist to Shrink It

Faculty Associate Susan Benesch writes about incendiary speech in political American discourse, and…

Nov 21, 2022

These Tiny Greek Islands Have Become Unlikely Laboratories for Global Corporations

BKC Fellow Petra Molnar discusses surveillance and the use of tiny islands as spaces for large tech…

Nov 18, 2022

Would Twitter get online publisher immunity in fake 'blue check' suits?

"Under that reasoning, said Alejandra Caraballo of the Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinic, the key…

Nov 15, 2022

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