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Mapping Consensus in Ethical and Rights-based Approaches to Principles for AI More

Applications are due Sunday, March 15th by 5 PM EST More


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Reason Podcast

Taylor Lorenz Makes Sense of Online Culture for the Rest of Us

The BKC affiliate reveals how social media is encouraging individual expression.

Feb 26, 2020

From clinical student to clinical instructor

Kendra Albert shares their Cyberlaw Clinic story

Feb 25, 2020
The Harvard Gazette

The good, bad, and scary of the Internet of Things

BKC faculty associate Francine Berman on the question that keeps her up at night: Is the Internet of Things a future…

Feb 25, 2020

The system is rigged against users

BKC fellow Beatriz Botero Arcila on why getting compensated for your personal data is not a good idea.

Feb 24, 2020

Podcast: Election Meltdown

BKC faculty associate Danielle Citron joins former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, director of the ACLU…

Feb 22, 2020
The Atlantic

How the Coronavirus Revealed Authoritarianism’s Fatal Flaw

China’s use of surveillance and censorship makes it harder for Xi Jinping to know what’s going on in his own country.

Feb 22, 2020
CBC Radio

Is the dream of an 'open' internet dead?

As some countries restrict and replace content, are we headed toward a world of multiple internets?

Feb 21, 2020
MIT CMSW Podcast

Contextual Analysis of Social Media

A podcast with Desmond Patton on the promise and challenge of eliciting context in social media posts with natural…

Feb 21, 2020

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Internet Robustness

The Internet Robustness project is developing, testing, and piloting software and protocols to safeguard the promise of… More

Internet Monitor

Internet Monitor's aim is to evaluate, describe, and summarize the means, mechanisms, and extent of Internet content… More


Lumen collects and studies online content removal requests, providing transparency and supporting analysis of the Web’s… More

AI: Educational Activities

The Berkman Klein Center has worked to build a robust community and institutional activities leveraging the University… More

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is dedicated to exploring, understanding, and shaping the way we use technology

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A conversation about AI principles More

How to analyze data settings rather than data sets, acknowledging the meaning-making power of the local. More

The United States spends $6billion a year on rural broadband deployment, and yet the digital divide may be growing… More

Zac Kriegman describes his path from a Harvard JD to a data science career focused on deep learning. More