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Mayo Fuster Morell's Homepage

Mayo Fuster Morell holds a Ramon y Cajal researcher position at the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she directs research group on digital commons and Internet politics. Among other ongoing empirical research in the field, she is the Principal Investigator for at the European Project P2Pvalue on the conditions that favor value creation in collaborative production and decentralize infrastructures. She is also Faculty Associated at the Berkman center, where she collaborates with Prof. Yochai Benkler.

She is member of the advisory board of the Open Knowledge Foundation and Research Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation, and of their locals chapters in Spain/Catalonia. She is member of Cosmos – Consortium of social movements studies at the European University Institute (Florence). She writes for the blog Interferencias at the Spanish Newspaper

She holds a PhD on social and political science for the European University Institute (thesis on the governance of digital commons), and holds a degree in Economics (University of Valencia) and a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (University Rovira i Virgili). She has been visiting scholar at the School of Information of the University of California Berkeley and the Communication Department Stanford University (sponsored by Howard Rheingold).

Mayo Fuster Morell has developed research and has extended publications in the field of the Internet and politics; social movements (Global Justice Movement, Free Culture Movement and recent mobilization wave of "indignated" in Spain); online communities; common-base peer production; and public policies. She specializes in online methods and action-participation research.

Mayo co-wrote the books “Digital commons and free culture” (Spanish, Editorial Icaria, 2015), “Nothing will be the same: Youth, Internet and Politics in Spain” (Spanish, Editorial Fundacion Reina Sofia, 2015), “Rethinking political organization in an age of movements and networks” (English and Italian version XL Editorial, Rome 2007; Spanish version, Icaria Editorial, Barcelona 2008); "Activist research and social movements" (Catalan, El Viejo Topo Editorial, Barcelona 2005); and, "Guide of social transformation of Catalonia" (Catalan, Edicions Collectives, Barcelona, 2003).

Mayo was born in Oliva (Valencia), a small town in front of the Mediterranean Sea. She is actively engaged in pro democratic movements locally and internationally. She has been based long-term in London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Rome, Florence, and Cambridge (USA).

Personal website with access to publications:


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Mayo Fuster Morell, Berkman Center Fellow

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