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Berkman's 10th Anniversary Conference and Celebration

"Yesterday -- yesterday morning, I said that Johnathan Zittrain personifies the Berkman Center -- that Jonathan personifies its creativity and its charisma and its brilliance. Tonight I want to go even further, in saying that Jonathan -- Jonathan in both his style and his substance -- that Jonathan personifies the Internet itself." -Elena Kagan

Well, the internet has several fathers (Taylor, Roberts, Cerf, Kahn, ...) and one grandfather (Farber) so Jonathan should begin a new generation as the first child of the internet, maybe even redeemer! - Jim Morris

May 15 Food for Thought Dinners

May 16 Openness Sessions

9:30a.m.- 10:45a.m.

May 16 Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session Matrix - This will be synchronized with the session matrix discussed during the 9-9:30am Proposal period in Ames Courtroom.


Getting started