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We'll use tags to help find photos, blog posts and more created by conference attendees. We're aggregating all these tags into one big one-stop superfeed.

The universal tag is "Berkmanat10" If you like, you may also use "Berkman" (e.g. on Twitter, where character space is limited)

Question Tool

The Question Tool is used to ask questions during an event. Everyone can vote individual questions up or down and comment on existing questions, helping enhance the dialogue and letting moderators know which questions are most interesting to attendees.

IRC Channel

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. For Berkman@10, we'll be using IRC to create a Berkman chat channel. To join the chat, download an IRC client and join the Berkman channel at Freenode, linked below. If you use Firefox, an easy IRC client plugin is Chatzilla.

Facebook Group

The Facebook social network is open to anyone. If you're on Facebook, you can meet other conference attendees on our group event page.


Flickr is a photo sharing website where you can upload conference pictures. Be sure to tag them Berkmanat10 so they show up to folks looking for conference pics. You can set your default tags for new uploaded pictures so you won't forget.


Twitter has become a popular tool at conferences, because its quick & easy "microblogging" format makes it simple for folks at the same event to update each other and take notes on their impressions. It can be useful for jotting down a quote you hear and want to remember, letting your friends know what session you're in, or asking for local information. Aggregated together, the "tweets" about a conference can help form a richer picture of the event and its many conversations.

  • Use the hashtag #berkman to tag your tweets about Berkman@10 (put #berkman into your tweet, and follow @hashtags on Twitter). See the feed of everyone's hashtagged tweets at You can also see mentions of Berkman at seems to be down - rely on Twemes instead

Best is to use www.Backchannel.Us?bc=berkman for live tweet results on the topic Berkman

  • Check @BerkmanCenter's following list to find Berkman affiliates and other conference attendees.

Second Life

The Berkman Center has an island in the virtual world Second Life. We'll be streaming the video webcast of the conference to the meeting space on the island. If you're participating remotely, chatting with other remote attendees' avatars in Second Life might just be the next best thing to being here in person.


Didn't bring a laptop but want to participate in the social tools fun anyway? We've also got a Wiffiti screen set up. You can send short messages to the Berkman@10 Wiffiti screen by using your mobile phone to send a text message to 25622 that starts with the phrase @Berk10. The screen is available online, and will be projected live during our reception on Thursday evening.


We'll be live webcasting as many sessions - particularly plenaries - as possible. If you can't be here in person, join us online. We'll also be archiving all the webcasts at MediaBerkman after the conference.

YouTube Channel

On Berkman's YouTube channel, you can catch highlights of past events, interviews, and other Berkman media, plus updates from Berkman@10 attendees who visit our YouTube booth.

Random Fun