Global problem solving

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Global problem solving

Session topic: Let's think collectively about collective problem solving

Mark Tovey

(Austin West 3:15-4:15)

We live in a world where tough problems, especially around sustainability and resource shortages, seem to be multiplying by the minute. Mass collaboration, peer production, and open source hardware, among others, would seem to be apt tools to develop credible solutions and spur social entrepreneurship.

An interactive session inviting participants to think together about the power and limitations of these ideas, as well as possible points of leverage, to address significant global concerns.

The session will be framed with examples from the handout below, and from my new edited volume, Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace, to suggest places to start. I will then follow this with an open discussion of some questions that currently engage me, questions which I only have very partial answers to--questions that I think we'll have to answer if we want to translate solutions into policy.

Session handout: Many Minds Make might work: mass collaboration, open source, and global change