The Lost Tribe Members - If you are still in touch with folks on this list, please let us know the best way to contact them

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Please email Becca Tabasky at if you know how to contact the Berkmaniacs on the below list. Please do not post their email addresses directly onto this page. Thank you!

Abby Brown

Amanda Moger

Amy Bender

Ben Dugan

Caroline Hunter

Christina Ritchie

Conley Rollins

Dan Fridman

Don McGovern

Emily Lenzner

Eric Wiseman

Hyun Ae Kim

Jackie Harlow

Jeff Kaplan

Jie Liang

Jim Keller

John Donovan

Juliet Armstrong

Mark Patterson

Meg Smith

Melanie (Crowley) Mullan

Michael Clough

Morton Halperin

Nancy Foti

Patricia Torres

Roger Rustad

Rohan Kariyawasam

Sarah Guerrero

Sarah Szalavitz

Scott Armstrong

Scott Selby

Sylvie Agudelo

Talia Milgrom