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These specs are designed to provide an overview of the events and media produced for/by the Berkman@10 Conference at Harvard Law School. They are broadly placed into two categories: a. Events b. Media In the "Event" Browsing, Individual nodes are attached to all relevant media. In the "Media" Browsing, nodes are sorted into media types.

By Event

Plenary Sessions (Day 1 Material)

  • Opening Remarks -Elena Kagan, Terry Fisher, Charles Nesson
  • The Future of The Internet (Take 1) - John Zittrain
  • The Future of the Internet (Take 2)- Charles Nesson, Esther Dyson, Reed Hundt, Michael Fricklas

Openness Sessions (Day 2 Material)

  • Open Education - Gene Koo & Charles Nesson
  • Open Network Architectures - Wendy Seltzer
  • Open Media - Bruce Estling, Dan Gilmor, Miel & Jake Shapiro
  • Open World - Michael Best & Beth Kolko
  • The Language of Openness - Judith Donath, Doc Searls & David Weinberger
  • Open Innovation - Eric von Hippel & Karim Lakhani

Break Out Sessions (Day 2 Material)

  • Digital Natives - John Palfrey, Urs Gasser
  • Transparency & Government - Micah Sifry, Ellen Miller
  • Network Neutrality - Yochai Benkler, Terry Fisher
  • Race & The Internet - David Harris, Charles Hamilton
  • Netizenship - John Zittrain
  • The Dilemma of Games: Moral Choice in a Digital World -Gene Koo, Shenja van der Graaf
  • OTHERS...


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Future of the Internet

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Videos (all)

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