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I want to propose a cross-cutting discussion of "gatekeepers" for the Berkman conf, focusing on architecture and the way it has been used or abused, with the aim of gaining new insights from a crossing of disciplines. So we might include copyright, Net neutrality, citizen journalism, and badware or filtering, for example, comparing where we're imposing restriction (physical, legal, or metaphorical) and what route-around or collateral damage we see.

Just a comment - can we include the idea (or am I the only person who believes this?) that gatekeepers also play a positive role sometimes, including in media? -- Persephone

Sure! There are often good reasons to filter or to create filtered feeds. I hope we can debate / explore the tradeoffs and reach some tentative conclusions about when gatekeepers are useful versus when they do more harm than good. --Wendy

Is this session going to make? Will it be webcast? --bway