The ECOGogy: how .Gov, .Com, .Org and .Edu get along

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We're used to thinking of universities, businesses, nonprofits and government bodies as separate domains. Literally. And they are. Yet together on the Net they comprise an ecology in which all four might be far more supportive of each other than they are today.


How can work at Berkman and similar .edu entities support positive growth in Net-based markets? Put another way, how can we create a rising tide that lifts all business boats? Did we do that with Creative Commons? How can we do it with ProjectVRM or our media-related projects?

How does an activist center such as Berkman not only fit in the larger ecosystem, but improve it?

How can we better attract interest and investment from large companies willing to invest in rising tides rather than more prosperous boats?

(This general subject is one that Renee and I have been working on.)