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Harvard's metaLAB Introduces AI Pedagogy Project

Harvard's metaLAB Introduces AI Pedagogy Project

New dynamic resource aimed at guiding educators navigating AI in their teaching.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Nov 16, 2023 — Harvard's metaLAB, part of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, announces the AI Pedagogy Project (AIPP), a dynamic resource aimed at guiding educators in critically engaging with AI tools in their teaching. Launched on November 16, 2023 this initiative is tailored especially for post-secondary educators in the humanities and non-technical fields, in order to address the opportunities of and concerns about AI use in the classroom.

"All tools, however powerful, have both capabilities and limitations. Generative AI is no exception. To become a skilled, critical, and creative practitioner requires an understanding not just of the tool in question but also of best practices and successful applications. The AI Pedagogy Project provides a forum for sharing and exchange of such practices and applications."

- Jeffrey Schnapp, Founder & Faculty Director, metaLAB (at) Harvard.

Led by Sarah Newman, Director of Art & Education at metaLAB, and developed with a primarily student team, the project offers:

  • A searchable collection of educator-designed assignments for integrating AI into syllabi, and doing so responsibly and critically
  • Understandable AI concept descriptions designed to outline essential concepts and skills in a streamlined guide
  • Recommendations for educators on how to begin their AI journey in the classroom
  • An interactive tutorial on using large language models
  • A resource list for further AI exploration, including related projects

The AI Pedagogy Project seeks to demystify AI, encouraging critical engagement and creative AI applications in education. It's an evolving platform, designed to adapt alongside AI advancements and their societal impacts, and engage students in analyzing and critically re-imagining the future of this technology. In early 2023, Newman noticed that while students were curious and intrigued with the availability of AI tools, educators and administrators were not equally equipped to meet the moment. Particularly in writing-heavy disciplines, there was concern—and confusion—about AI tools like large language models. The metaLAB team took this as an opportunity to build a site for educators to help them consider whether to engage with AI technologies in their teaching, and how to do so critically and creatively.



“This is a time when the humanities can do what the humanities do best: help us reflect on what it means to be human, contextualize change within the broader arc of history, ask questions about our assumptions and responsibilities, interrogate and invent metaphors, and consider who should be represented in the conversation.”

- Sarah Newman, AIPP Project Lead, metaLAB at Harvard

All assignments are adaptable to diverse pedagogical styles and classroom needs. The AI Guide offers a comprehensive introduction for AI novices and those wishing to expand their knowledge. A testament to metaLAB's dedication to merging technological innovation with educational quality, the AI Pedagogy Project is a step towards more informed, hands-on AI education. metaLAB encourages new users to share the resource with educators, administrators, journalists, researchers, and others who might find it helpful.

Contact: Sarah Newman,


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