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Noank Media

Noank Media

Noank's mission is to license and distribute digital content globally while fairly compensating content owners, using the most efficient, sustainable, and effective business and technology systems. Noank's motto is "limitless legal content flow."

Noank Media Inc. provides non-compulsory blanket licenses that monetize and legalize online file-sharing. The Noank business model generates much higher revenues than current online services, and Noank shares all content fees and advertising revenues with content owners. Noank supports all media types - music, video, still images, and documents - for entertainment and education.

In brief, here's how the system works: In each country, copyright owners (record companies, music publishers, film studios, etc.) authorize Noank to distribute digital copies of their works. Noank, in turn, enters into contracts with major network service providers: broadband consumer ISPs; mobile phone providers; and universities. Noank provides the service providers' end-users with unlimited downloading, streaming, and copying licenses. In return, each access provider pays Noank a fee on behalf of each of its end-users (consumers, students, employees). 85% of the money collected from these content fees is distributed to content copyright owners. A small software program on the users' device counts the content use. That information (automatically aggregated to protect users' privacy) is used to determine the amount of money paid to each copyright owner.

Implementation of the system is currently most advanced in China and Canada. Once it is up and running in those countries, we plan to launch in other countries.

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