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Internet Robustness

The Internet Robustness project is developing, testing, and piloting a system called Amber to safeguard the promise of the URL, or "Uniform Resource Locator": that information placed online can remain there, even amidst network or endpoint disruptions. Amber is a server-side tool for website owners and administrators to preserve web links and affiliate websites. By automatically storing a mirror of every outbound link on the host website, Amber gives visitors a fallback option if links go dead. Amber is designed to improve the resiliency and robustness of the web in a wide variety of Internet contexts around the world, offering an alternative route to web content in the event of intentional third-party blocking, hacking or denial of service attacks, or unintentional hosting or server failures. We aspire to a more robust and stable open web. Find out more at

This project is supported in part by USAID and the US Department of State.

Our Work 04

May 4, 2016

Amber, a Free Tool for Bloggers & Website Owners, Now Distributed on

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to announce that Amber, an open-source software tool that preserves content and prevents broken links,…

Mar 17, 2016

New updates for Amber, the open source plugin to keep links accessible

In the last two months, Amber has been downloaded more than 500 times and is actively being used on more than 200 websites. Amber v1.4.2 is a result of the feedback and input we…

Jan 28, 2016

Harvard University’s Berkman Center Releases Amber, a “Mutual Aid” Tool for Bloggers & Website Owners to Help Keep the Web Available

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to release Amber, a free software tool for WordPress and Drupal that preserves content and prevents…

Jun 19, 2013

Internet Censorship and Control Papers

The Berkman Center is pleased to share that Berkman Fellow Hal Roberts and Steven J. Murdoch of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory have edited a collection of papers…