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Internet Robustness

The Internet Robustness project is developing, testing, and piloting a system called Amber to safeguard the promise of the URL, or "Uniform Resource Locator": that information placed online can remain there, even amidst network or endpoint disruptions. Amber is a server-side tool for website owners and administrators to preserve web links and affiliate websites. By automatically storing a mirror of every outbound link on the host website, Amber gives visitors a fallback option if links go dead. Amber is designed to improve the resiliency and robustness of the web in a wide variety of Internet contexts around the world, offering an alternative route to web content in the event of intentional third-party blocking, hacking or denial of service attacks, or unintentional hosting or server failures. We aspire to a more robust and stable open web. Find out more at

This project is supported in part by USAID and the US Department of State.