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Past Project

Global Networked Readiness for Education (GNRE)

This project is the first global study offering multi-country analysis and data on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) used in schools in eleven participating countries.

Through the deployment of our new on-line surveys, we collected data from 5000 students, teachers, heads-of-schools and computer lab supervisors who told us about their experiences using computers and the Internet in rural and urban areas around the world.

On the GNRE site, we offer policymakers, researchers and other interested users on-line interactive toolkits that can help in the planning and implementation process of incorporating ICTs into educational settings. Add your data by participating in our survey and use our Resource toolkit.

Our Work 01

Jan 2, 2005

Global Networked Readiness for Education

Preliminary findings from a Pilot Project to Evaluate the Impact of Computers and the Internet on Learning in Eleven Developing Countries.

People 02


Colin Maclay

Faculty Associate