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Experience in the public and private sector, leading companies in BPO and IT Sector in Latin America. Lead the Colombian Government digital transformation strategy under the Duque Administration.

In 2020, was chosen by Apolitical as one of the 50 most influential global leaders in the world who revolutionize governance on Digital Transformation issues.

Lead the adoption of ethical frameworks for artificial intelligence in Colombia with the support of UNESCO and CAF. Was a member of the team that lead the government effort to create The AI Expert Mission of the Republic of Colombia, with a team of interdisciplinary experts from Latin America, Asia, Australia, the US, Canada, and Europe, including four scholars affiliated with BKC.

Entrepreneur, Angel investor. Participated in the development and investment of technology-based start-ups such as, 1doc3, Lawyers Ya, Guarumo, and Binaria.

Experience in Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards in the Technology, Financial, Health, and services sectors.

Wrote 2 books in Spanish associated with digital transformation and adoption of artificial intelligence.

Projects & Tools

Advising Governments: Public-Interest Taskforce

Through this project we assist people working in governments across the globe in dealing with pressing challenges related to innovative digital technologies.

Metaverse: Centering Inclusion

Bringing together experts from various sectors, conducing research to inform decision-making, and contributing to the development of a metaverse with thoughtful values and…