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Seiji Isotani is a visiting professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a professor of computer science and learning technology at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a Ph.D. in information engineering from Osaka University, Japan, and was a postdoctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. For the past 15+ years, Isotani has dedicated his research career to advancing the science concerning how people learn with interactive/intelligent educational technologies and on untangling potential mechanisms for ensuring that every student receives the personalized support that they need to engage in fulfilling and meaningful educational experiences. He is widely recognized for his work in the fields of Gamification in Education, Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS), and Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED). With over two hundred scientific articles he is on the list of the 30 most cited researchers in his areas of expertise, according to Google Scholar. Since 2017, he works as a technical/scientific advisor to the Brazilian Ministry of Education in the designing and implementation of public policies related to educational technologies. He was one of the main contributors to designing norms for the k-12 Computer Science Curriculum in Brazil. And in 2022, he was elected for a 6-year term to the Executive Committee of the International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society.