Nikki Bourassa

Nikki Bourassa is a Project Coordinator at the Berkman Klein Center.

Her interest in the internet's quirks took root with AOL, Neopets, and Xanga. Years and millions of neopoints later, Nikki had graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species, and she entered the world of international media development. In this field, she implemented projects dedicated to developing internet and technology security amongst at-risk groups, promoting internet policy advocacy around the world, and understanding the internet ecosystems of various countries and regions, among others. Her work inevitably led her to the Berkman Klein Center, and she was elated to join its staff in October 2016.

Outside of the Berkman Klein Center, Nikki enjoys running, rowing, yoga, exploring new places and trying new things, and dabbling in arts of all kinds. She's been called an expert in both the practice of monitoring and evaluation in difficult places and the consumption of frozen yogurt.

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August 16, 2017