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We've assembled a sampling of recent Internet and politics-related activities and writings from the Berkman community.

November 18 update: Join us on Monday (11/24) for a discussion of participatory governance with Irving Wladawsky-Berger.

November 4 update: the video of Professor D. Sunshine Hillygus' talk today on "Information Technology and Political Campaigning" is now available.

The Citizen Media Law Project has taken the election, and voting, head on:

Some projects have been, for many months, aggregating online conversations around the election:

Other projects have reflected critically on the role and uses of the Internet in this election cycle and beyond:

On a more specific note, the McCain campaign's October letter to YouTube regarding the DMCA provoked debate among Berkman fellows and friends, including, for example:

Many other Berkman people have weighed in, individually, including, to cite just a couple:

Finally, we've been slowly but surely piling up tags in the Berkman Center site, and, while they're not comprehensive, there's more to explore in elections, civic activity, and related categories.

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