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This week, two openings were posted by friends of the Berkman Center:

The UC Berkeley School of Law is seeking a clinical professor to serve as the director of the Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic. The Samuelson Clinic was founded by friend (and former Berkman fellow) Professor Pam Samuelson. Among its many activities, the Clinic has collaborated with Berkman and others on the Chilling Effects project.
Click here for a full description and application instructions for the clinical professor/director position.

Stanford Law School has announced the Center for Internet and Society and Stanford Constitutional Law Center Joint Fellowship. Former Berkman faculty director Professor Lawrence Lessig, founder of the Stanford Center for Internet & Society, blogged this week about the fellowship:
"On your way to legal academics? Need some time to write, as you do some good?"

Please join us in drawing strong applicants' attention to these amazing opportunities to work on issues of concern to Berkman, and its broader community.

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