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Beyond Broadcast and Supernova, conversations coast to coast

Berkman Fellows and friends are bookending the U.S.A.for two great conferences today - Beyond Broadcast in Washington D.C. and Supernova in San Francisco.

Beyond Broadcast: Mapping Public Media, hosted by the Center for Social Media at American University, is taking a sharp look at visualization and mapping tools online.  Berkman's Jake Shapiro and Persephone Miel will revisit the conversations had at Berkman@10 and Media Re:public's spring conference.  The day's full slate can be found here.

Meanwhile, Berkman's managing director Colin Maclay is moderating a panel at Supernova on 'The Internet's Constitutional Moments.'  Its description reads:

"As established governing bodies of various sorts explore the impact of  new rules on the Internet, the Net continues to have its own "constitutional moments," including many that are bottom up. The BerkmanCenter's recently launched Publius Project is an effort to understand how the Internet is actually governed, and how we might want it to be. During this session, four diverse perspectives among the many represented within the project will examine how decision-making processes --whether via Web 2.0 technologies, international organizations, or business models -- give rise to norms, rules, and "constitutional moments" that affect our behavior online, and ultimately define the nature of the Net."

Supernova's full agenda can be found here.

If you're not at either, you can find information, videos, liveblogs and more at the conference sites.

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