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Amicus: Net-based scholarship on civil rights and civil liberties

Via John Palfrey:

In the spirit of Open Access week and otherwise, Harvard's Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review is today launching a new online publication, Amicus:

It's an important idea, I think, at least by way of provocation: can law journals or other institutions publish, as a supplement to their regular mode, shorter, open pieces formatted for the web that have serious work behind them and which link more actively to other arguments, online and offline? Harvard's CR-CL is one of the first to take this plunge. The students have done a great job on this.

Our related effort at the Berkman Center is called Publius:

John wrote an essay of his own for Amicus' inaugural release: New Public Spaces. Check it out.

And congrats to the CR-CL crew on getting this up and running!

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