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Publius: Suber and Hagemann on open access, Pignetti on Lessons in Literacy from the NOLA Blogosphere

The Publius project, launched in conjunction with Berkman@10, published three new essays last week.

First, Peter Suber, an independent policy strategist for open access to research, and Melissa Hagemann, of the the Open Access Initiative within the Information Program of the Open Society Institute/ Soros Foundations, share their Publius essays. 

Next, Daisy Pignetti of the University of South Florida offers a response to Dan Gillmor's piece on Principles of a New Media Literacy:

Over the coming weeks, Publius will continue to grow, and we hope that you'll join in and help the conversations flourish. For more information on the project, visit or read the original announcement and first batch of essays.

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Publius project

The Publius project is a collection of essays and conversations about constitutional moments on the Net.