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Publius: new essays on the Internet and politics

Publius: new essays on the Internet and politics

The Publius project has launched a new cluster of essays -- Internet and Politics 2008 -- anchored by a "working hypothesis" -- Moving People, Moving Ideas. The working hypothesis frames a set of questions and issues concerning the impact of the Internet on the 2008 US election, and asks whether this year was a turning point in terms of the relation of technology and political and civic activity.

The working hypothesis is accompanied by several response essays, including pieces from Ari Melber, Henry Farrell, Sunshine Hillygus, Peter Daou, Matthew Hindman, and Dana Fisher, with more to come.

Comments are enabled on the Publius site. Please join the conversation as we evaluate the technological innovations of this year's election cycle.

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The Publius project is a collection of essays and conversations about constitutional moments on the Net.