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Digital Power, Digital Interpretation, Digital Making - Fall 2012

Fall Term, Block A
M 1:10 PM - 3:10 PM

Dean Martha Minow, University Professor Peter Galison, Jeffrey Schnapp, Jonathan Zittrain

2 classroom credits

Taught by Peter Galison, Martha Minow, Jeffrey Schnapp, Jonathan Zittrain. Harvard is beginning a new initiative to explore the intersection of digital power, digital making and digital interpretation. This is a working seminar designed to explore these questions through a cluster of projects designed to cross theorizing with making. For example: What is the health of the internet and how could we construct ways to measure it? How do practices and should governing the digital shape access, privacy, and social norms? What might the next generation of digital humanities look like as it explores the crossover between digital and physical objects? How can digital filmmaking connect with new forms of interactive design and exhibition?