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Lumen project manager Adam Holland and Rebecca Tushnet spoke about Google’s efforts to take down links considered pirated.

Google's partner in tracking all of its takedown notices for transparency purposes is Lumen, whose project manager, Adam Holland, told Ars that Google submits more data than any other company that Lumen partners with, such as Twitter, Wikipedia, or Reddit. Holland said that the majority of requests for Google data come from academics interested in analyzing long-term trends, as well as, increasingly, media and non-government organizations, but rarely policymakers.

Harvard Law School copyright expert Rebecca Tushnet told Ars that she thinks the key benefit of Google's report is showing lawmakers how difficult it is for service providers to classify content. Advising the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property in 2020, Tushnet warned lawmakers and more recently told Ars that reports like Google's prove that for every path created to report infringing content, scammers will find creative ways to exploit them by "doing their very best to mimic people who have valid claims."

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