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Nishant Shah is an Associate Professor of Global Media and the Director of the Digital Narratives Studio, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since co-founding the Centre for Internet & Society, in India, he has served in different capacities as Professor and Director of the Digital School at Leuphana University in Germany, Vice-President at ArtEZ University of the Arts and Endowed Professor at Radboud University in The Netherlands. He is a Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society, Harvard University in USA, and a Knowledge Partner for Point of View in Mumbai, and Digital Asia Hub in Hong Kong/ Singapore. His recent books - Really Fake (University of Minnesota Press 2021) and Overload, Excess, Creep: An Internet From India (Institute of Network Cultures/ Leftword Books 2022/2023) are available for open access. His current work is around questions of digital authorship, authenticity, and authority, and creating narrative change practices for hopeful futures and collective action.


European Journal of Cultural Studies

The unbearable oldness of generative artificial intelligence: Or the re-making of digital narratives in times of ChatGPT

BKC Faculty Associate Nishant Shah offers accounts of two moments in computational history to reframe conversations around generative AI.

Jan 17, 2024