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Jenn Louie is the founder of the Moral Innovation Lab, based on her research initiated at Harvard Divinity School, and worked as a Product Manager at the Applied Social Media Lab. Her research is a compassionate interrogation into how technology is shaping our moral futures and how conflict and social inequities and are recreated through unexamined moral inheritances that get translated into tech governance and design. 

She is an advocate for improving moral literacy for technologists and believes in cultivating innovation as a moral practice. Her Berkman Klein research interests lie at the intersection of moral futurism, AI governance, design systems, youth and media, social media governance and the compounded impact on global affairs, society and diplomacy. Prior to attending Harvard Divinity School, Jenn served as the former Head of Business Integrity Operations for Pages, Groups, Messenger and Events platforms at Facebook. She previously served as the first Head of Trust & Safety at, and established her career at Google in product policy and then in monetization strategy for new products. 

During the pandemic, Jenn co-founded Year Zero Studios, a social impact tech company and incubator focused on the future of work and public interest technologies. Jenn is also the co-founder of the Spiritual Care Project. Jenn is an industry expert in online user policy, content moderation, scaled enforcement operations for social media, product integrity, building internal governance tools and dashboards, and community support operations. Jenn has spoken on online risk, tech governance and tech policy at SXSW, IDEO, Techweek NYC, the NYPD Cyber Intelligence & Counterterrorism Conference, and the Microsoft Social Computing Symposium.