Ellery Roberts Biddle

As the chief steward of Global Voices’ Advox project, Ellery facilitates a network of bloggers and advocates reporting on threats to online speech, sharing tactics for protecting themselves and their communities online, and supporting efforts to strengthen Internet policy and practice worldwide. Advox forms a key component of the work of Global Voices, an online citizen media network that amplifies unheard stories and perspectives, originally founded at the Berkman Center.
Prior to working with Global Voices, Ellery was a policy analyst at the Center for Democracy and Technology, where she focused on global Internet governance and intermediary liability issues within the global policy arena. She has particular expertise in digital culture and informal information economies in Cuba, where she has made multiple trips for study and research since 2004.
She has spoken at Personal Democracy Forum, RightsCon, the Internet Governance Forum and Re:Publica, among other events, and has written for The Guardian, Huffington Post, Slate and Americas Quarterly. 
Follow her on Twitter or visit her (rarely updated) website: ellerybiddle.com

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September 1, 2017