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Anthony Cascione

Project Manager, Nymity

Anthony Cascione is a Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, where he serves as the Project Manager of BKC’s Nymity project. The Nymity project investigates the utility of pseudonymous, text-based communication platforms toward opening discourse and building trust in closed-network groups. At present, the project is piloting its methods in high school classrooms and exploring uses in other environments.  

Anthony is a recent graduate of Harvard Law School and has a Master’s degree in Applied Psychological Methods and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Fordham University. While at Fordham, Anthony led an inter-disciplinary practicum investigating how to increase electric vehicle adoption among college students and recent grads. Before law school, he was a paralegal at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in one of its trial bureaus. During law school, he worked extensively on the legal defense of a human rights advocate.

Anthony’s interests include the American jury’s power to acquit, Stoicism, Apex Legends (an Xbox video game), weightlifting, and the environmentally sustainable preservation of internal combustion engines & manual transmissions. He is an uncle to two cats. 

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The Nymity project posits the utility of pseudonymous, text-based communication platforms in promoting civil discourse within closed-network environments. Our approach is inspired…