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This Week in Student Privacy: 7/7

SIIA releases “Vision K-20” report at ISTE 2015

At ISTE 2015, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) released “a new analysis of how educators view their schools' and districts' use of technology and student data.” The report “measures schools' and colleges' self-reported progress toward technology and e-learning adoption.” According to the report, “[t]he top two most important ways digital student data is currently used [...] is to ‘track student performance’ and to ‘improve instruction[,]’” and that “[s]ecurity-related benchmarks continue to rate highly with only a small gap between current and ideal levels among both K-12 and Postsecondary[.]” While security is a “[benchmark] which educators widely expect to be standard practice,” Postsecondary educators feel it necessary that “[d]igital student achievement data [be] always available to guide classroom instruction.” Overall, the report concludes that “[e]ducators in both K-12 and Postsecondary have a desire to integrate technology at a deeper and broader level, and recognize the need for support and assistance to make that happen.”




This update was compiled by Jeremiah Milbauer, with help from Paulina Haduong and Hannah Offer. Jeremiah is a rising freshman at the University of Chicago and an intern for the Student Privacy Initiative. Hannah is a rising freshman at Yale University.

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