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This Week in Student Privacy: 7/28

Updating FERPA with the Student Privacy Protection Act

"The 'Student Privacy Protection Act' aims to expand the scope of student information that is protected by law, place new obligations on both educational institutions and third parties who handle that information, and ban the use of such information for direct advertising to students." (EdWeek) The bill "would represent a meaningful update to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act." (EdWeek)

Read more at EdWeek: "Scaled-Back FERPA Overhaul Introduced in U.S. House" and Lexology: "House members introduce bipartisan education measures; ED seeks feedback on recognizing innovative programs"

Read the text of the bill through Data Quality Campaign.


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This update was compiled by Jeremiah Milbauer, with help from Paulina Haduong. Jeremiah is a rising freshman at the University of Chicago and an intern for the Student Privacy Initiative.

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