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This Week in Student Privacy: 6/9

Florida School District Begins Monitoring Social Media
In late May, “Central Florida's largest school district (Orange County) announced...that it had acquired new software that would allow it to grab and then analyze social-media messages posted from its campuses, whether from students or staff.” The new monitoring program comes in an effort to “curb cyberbullying, crime on campus and suicide.” For more:

Hamden, CT School District Accused of Disclosing Student Information
According to the Hamden Patch, Connecticut’s “largest teacher’s union is calling for legislative action after it says the Hamden School District threatened student privacy by disclosing personally identifiable student data—without the knowledge of parents or students—to an education industry group.” For more: The Hartford Courant and FoxCT.

Georgia DOE Names Chief Privacy Officer
Last week, the “Georgia Department of Education named Levette Williams chief privacy officer.” Williams “said she will focus on training school districts about the importance of both collecting and protecting data on Georgia students.” According to The Daily Journal, the chief privacy officer “position was created by a new student privacy law (the Student Data, Privacy, Accessibility and Transparency Act) passed this year,...[which set] strict guidelines on what kind of information can be collected and [prevented]” the selling of student data. For more: mySA, The Atlanta Business Chronicle,


This update was compiled by Hannah Offer. Hannah is a rising freshman at Yale University and a research assistant for the Student Privacy Initiative.

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