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So I submitted my application to be a Summer 2012 Berktern. Now what?

Today we give huge thanks to all who applied to join us as an intern this summer, and to all who helped spread the word about the opportunities!  We have had an unprecedented response to our call for applications, and to have such a talented group of candidates is an amazing privilege - and challenge - for us. We’re now faced with our review and selection process – a responsibility we take seriously so that we can support rewarding and productive summers for everyone involved.

As a part of this, we wanted to answer some of the questions we're getting about our process – you can find questions and answers below.

We are totally blown away by your collective insights, talents, and accomplishments.   What a great view into all of the amazing work that is being done to advance Internet & Society studies and the impact it can have.

With continued thanks from all at the Berkman Center, especially Nancy(whose catnip intake has increased to help her keep up with everything),


Will you interview me for a position?
While we would love to talk with all applicants, we will only be contacting selected candidates for interviews. 

When will I know whether or not I’m selected for an interview?
We are moving through our review as comprehensively and thoughtfully as possible.   As you can imagine, this takes a bit of time.   We are similarly well aware of time constraints you may have as you work to make your summer plans.   We expect to begin contacting selected candidates in March - we do not have a specific date by which this will happen.  Please know that we are working as fast and mindfully as we can, and very much appreciate your patience.

May I call or email you to find out more information about the status of my application?
We are carefully reviewing each application and are working to keep the highly dynamic review process moving forward.  So that we can focus our energy on the review and on getting answers back to you, please do not call or email me or the Center to get information about the status of your application.  We unfortunately will not be able to provide a status update for you.

How do my references factor into the review?
The references of selected candidates may be contacted during the course of our review, though we do not have precise dates for this.  We will not be contacting all references for all applicants. 

Do you want letters of recommendation from my references?
At this stage in the review, the names and contact information you provided in the application is all we need.

When will I know if I am not selected as a Berktern?
All applicants - those we select, and those we're unfortunately unable to - will be notified when we have finalized our selection process.  We do not have a specific date for this, either, but we do expect our review to carry through late winter and early spring.

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