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The Law Lab launches a prototype of their Digital Law Library wiki

The Berkman Center's Law Lab is pleased to announce the launch of the initial prototype for its Digital Law Library wiki .

Initiated in 2010, and led by Law Lab Director Oliver Goodenough in close collaboration with Tracy Bach, a professor at Vermont Law School and Yaya Bodian, Maître Assistant at CREDILA, Université Cheikh Anta Dioin, in Dakar, Senegal, this effort is focused on cataloging and analyzing Senegalese and other West African law and putting it online in a searchable and easily accessible format. In partnership with local lawyers, professors, researchers, and students, the initial stage of this project seeks to improve online access to the laws and other materials for a variety of actors, including government representatives, NGOs, scholars, and citizens.

The Law Lab has supported CREDILA in establishing this access-controlled curated wiki for Senegalese law, with a particular emphasis on commercial and business related laws. The site covers lawmaking in all three branches of Senegal, in addition the law of international bodies, like treaties, as well as that of regional organizations like ECOWAS and the AU. It also consists of both links to relevant websites containing Senegalese law, like those of government ministries, as well as original material not available online elsewhere (like the scholarly review published by CREDILA annually).

Additional information regarding the project, which has been funded with generous support by the Kauffman Foundation and the wiki can be found at the Law Lab site. An introductory tutorial is forthcoming.

As always, feedback is encouraged and most welcome.

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