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Towards Principles and Best Practices for Operating in the Cloud

Towards Principles and Best Practices for Operating in the Cloud

new Berkman Center initiative underway

Today, in conjunction with our Law Lab project, the Berkman Center is kicking off a new research initiative on cloud computing with the first in a year-long series of workshops aimed at exploring legal, policy, and regulatory issues associated with cloud computing.

The Cloud Computing Working Group – a multi-disciplinary transatlantic effort – will bring together diverse stakeholders to discuss key risks and opportunities associated with cloud computing, to share experiences and learn from one another, and to explore the potential of next generation governance models to deal with these challenges. The group will identify the ways in which private actors, users, and governments can work together towards best practices in a cloud environment.

Today’s initial meeting brings together a group of experts from various fields to discuss data policy-oriented issues in cloud computing, including retention, privacy, and security. The gathering will also help to identify priority areas for discussion, improvement, and innovation – whether in business, regulation, governance, enforcement, or civic participation – and will consider where there are opportunities for additional research and new forms of governance.

Stay tuned for reflections and a report out from the day's discussions and more from the Cloud Computing Working Group.

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