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Radio Berkman 152: A "Third Way" for the FCC and Broadband

Radio Berkman 152: A "Third Way" for the FCC and Broadband

From the MediaBerkman blog:

Last week the FCC announced that they would seek a “third way” in regulating the broadband industry, one that they hope will respect a recent court decision prohibiting them from cracking down on telecomms, while also ensuring some level of net neutrality.

Susan Crawford co-led the FCC Agency Review team for the Obama-Biden transition team and served as President Barack Obama's Special Assistant for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy until December 2009. She now teaches at the University of Michigan Law School. She founded OneWebDay and can be found blogging here.

Susan spoke with David Weinberger about what this “third way” is, and what it could mean for how bits get to your house.

For more on this issue, you might want to check out the Berkman Center and Wharton School co-sponsored event The FCC’s Authority Over Broadband Access on May 27 at the Press Club in Washington, DC. For more information and to RSVP click here.


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Since submitting its Next Generation Connectivity report to the FCC's National Broadband Plan committee, the Berkman Center has continued its research on broadband policy.