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Live Coverage of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit

Live Coverage of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit

Via Global Voices:

After a few months of planning and one very disruptive earthquake, we're now less than 10 hours from starting this year's Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010. For those of you who are here in Santiago with us, we will be delighted to see you tomorrow morning at the beautiful Santiago Public Library. For those of you who will be participating online, there are several ways to stay engaged throughout both days of the summit.

We will be live video streaming as much of the discussion as possible, so long as the internet gods are on our side. In addition to the live video streaming, Jorge Gobbi and Felipe Cordero will be liveblogging all discussions, witty remarks, and inevitable gossip in both English and Spanish throughout the two days of the summit.

You can stay tuned on Twitter, and you can participate yourself by using the hashtag “#gv2010“. (Twitter has a guide to using hashtags.) Even without access to the internet, summit participants are reporting on Twitter that they have crashed the wi-fi at the hotel. There is also a Flickr group for photos from the summit.

Stay tuned to the Summit Blog for updates throughout the two days. A number of fascinating observations have already been posted about the development of online participation in Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Madagascar, Macedonia, Argentina, India, Gaza, China, Colombia, and Bolivia.

We look forward to your participation, here in Chile and around the world!

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