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Students Occupy Bulgaria's Future - Friday, November 22, 3PM ET on GV Face

Join Global Voices' GV Face on Friday, Nov 22 at 10pm UTC / 3pm US Eastern Time, for a Live Hangout with GV correspondents discussing the future of Bulgaria's student protests.

Bulgarian students have occupied key universities in their country, bringing academic activities to a resounding halt for the last few weeks. Their revolt is part of larger anti-government protests that have rocked the country since June, with demands that the government resign for widespread poverty and corruption.

This Friday on GV Face we will be talking about the future of Bulgaria's protests with our Bulgaria authors Rayna, Nevena Borisova and Ruslan Trad, along with our Central and Eastern European Editor Danica Radisic.

The organizers of the latest spontaneous occupation pledged they wouldn't meddle with any political force in the country. Their blockade began when a group of indignant students occupied the largest lecture hall at the the oldest and most prestigious university in capital city Sofia.

The desperation of many Bulgarians has been marked by a series of self-immolations since the start of the year. At least nine people have burnt themselves to death.

Students along with other citizens are demanding that the current Bulgarian government step down because of several controversial decisions by the parliament and widespread corruption in the country.

On November 10, thousands of Bulgarians took to the streets to mark the 150th day of anti-government demonstrations, chanting “resign,” “mafia” and “shame on you” as they passed parliament, according to AFP.

Watch live and join the conversation with your questions at this link on Friday, Nov 22 at 10pm UTC / 3pm US Eastern Time.

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