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Egypt Coverage

A number of Berkman projects and collaborators are keeping a close eye on the state of Internet access in Egypt.

You can follow Herdict's tracking of reported Internet inaccessibility from the ground in Egypt on their blog, and follow their twitter feed at to get ongoing updates.

The OpenNet Initiative is also following the Egyptian protests and Internet filtering.  They are consolidating reports at their MENA Net Watch - some samplings: their post, Egypt’s Internet Blackout: Extreme Example of Just-in-time Blocking, their 2009 Egypt country profile, and their additional coverage and background on Egypt.  The ONI twitter stream is at

The Global Network Initiative, of which Berkman is a participant, has issued a Statement on the Internet shutdown in Egypt.

Berkman's John Palfrey discusses the Global Network Initiative and corporate responsibility in an op-ed in the New York Daily News

Our collaborators at Global Voices Online are aggregating special coverage of the Egyptian protests.

More information and resources will be posted here as they become available.

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