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Citizen Media Law Project partners with YouTube to help launch Reporters' Center

From the CMLP blog:

"As part of today's launch of YouTube's Reporters' Center, which features how-to videos on news reporting, the Citizen Media Law Project created a short video addressing some of the newsgathering and privacy issues people are likely to face as they head out with camera in hand to cover the news. The two-part series of newsgathering videos (the first video is embedded below, the second video should be up later this week) describe the the legal and practical issues you may encounter as you gather documents, take photographs or video, and interview others.

The YouTube initiative aims to educate budding videographers on a wide array of issues associated with news reporting, such as how to fact check stories, avoid breaking the law while reporting, and adhere to journalistic principles.


With the help of CMLP/Berkman interns Lee Baker, Courtney French, Andrew Moshirnia, and Andrew Sellars and Berkman Digital Media Producer extraordinaire Dan Jones, we created two short videos (part 2 is coming later this week) addressing the legal issues that impact your ability to document news events through video and still photography, including attending governmental meetings, reporting at crime scenes, filming political rallies or protests, and interviewing others. CONTINUED...

You can read the full CMLP bolg post here and visit YouTube's Reporters' Center here.

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