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The Chinese Internet and Civil Society

Civic Engagement, Deliberation and Culture

The 7th Chinese Internet Research Conference starts today, at the Annenberg School for Communication of the University of Pennsylvania, and a raft of Berkman researchers and friends are participating, along with a host of interesting scholars and others.

"The Chinese Internet and Civil Society: Civic Engagement, Deliberation and Culture" is the theme for the discussions.

The conference is being webcast live, and there are multiple avenues for remote participation, as Berkman fellow Lokman Tsui detailed on his blog yesterday:

We have a terrific blogging team that will help us cover the sessions - I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce and thank them!

Weiyu, Anne, Dave and Bill - you are all awesome!

A couple of more things to know. We’ll be using a number of tools to facilitate discussion.

  1. We will be using Twitter, and use the hash tag #circ09
  2. We will use the Question Tool to gather questions from the audience
  3. We will also be having conversations on IRC at irc://
  4. We’ll be webcasting and recording these sessions and posting them online, so they can be viewed after the fact.
  5. The official website is
  6. The facebook group for the conference is
  7. Webcast will be at

The conference runs through the end of the week. We hope those with an interest in technology and civil society in China will have a chance to join in virtually.

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