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Unique Fall 2009 Cyberlaw Clinic & Winter 2010 Course Opportunity with Prof. Zittrain

Unique Fall 2009 Cyberlaw Clinic & Winter 2010 Course Opportunity with Prof. Zittrain

Professor Zittrain is soliciting applications from students interested in a fall placement at the Cyberlaw Clinic at the Berkman Center in conjunction with his winter-term 2010  "Cyberlaw:  Difficult Problems" course.  The course, which will be taught at Stanford Law School (HLS students will have air transportation and lodging in Silicon Valley provided during the January term), seeks to explore difficult problems in cyberlaw, presented by guests who must grapple with them. Guests will include academics, technologists, businesspeople, regulators, and social entrepreneurs whose puzzles may require solutions that span disciplines and approaches.  We are currently looking to choose one student who will be granted early enrollment in the Difficult Problems class as well as enrollment in the Cyberlaw Clinic next fall.  The fall Clinical work will involve research and preliminary identification of a set of challenging cyberlaw puzzles and potential guests who could present them in January, as well as overall organization and construction of the class.  These puzzles will include a variety of cutting-edge issues faced in the real-world by researchers, businesses, NGOs, government entities and others.  The student who is selected will meet once or twice with Prof. Zittrain before the current semester ends (or over the summer if you are in Cambridge), and will then work closely next fall with Clinic staff and remotely with Prof. Zittrain, who will be visiting at Stanford.

To apply, please complete the web form and upload your resume or CV there, as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, May 15.  If you need room to provide any additional information, such as enrollment in joint degree or LL.M. programs or the like, please add an extra paragraph at the end of your entry in the statement of interest box.

If you have questions about the substance or logistics of the Clinic placement or the winter course before you apply, please contact Phil Malone at the Cyberlaw Clinic (

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