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New Publius essays!

the Open Access conversation continues, plus a look at net neutrality and the right to communicate

Two new reactions to Peter Suber's The Opening of Science and Scholarship have been posted:

In addition, a response to Freedom of Listening by Lewis Hyde:

  • "The Right to Communicate" by Daithí Mac Síthigh, PhD candidate, Comparative New Media Law at the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

The Publius project brings together a distinguished collection of Internet observers, scholars, innovators, entrepreneurs, activists, technologists and still other experts, to write short essays, to foster an on-going public dialogue, and to create a durable record of how the rules of cyberspace are being formed, potentially impacting their future incarnation. Learn more about the project and find more essays from Publius authors at

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The Publius project is a collection of essays and conversations about constitutional moments on the Net.