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Design a cover for Eszter Hargittai's new book!

Design a cover for Eszter Hargittai's new book!

Eszter Hargittai, a sociologist and communication scholar who teaches research methods in the Media, Technology and Society program at Northwestern University, and who is currently a Fellow at the Berkman Center, is hosting a book cover design contest at Worth1000:

I invite you to put on your creative thinking caps and participate in the book cover contest now running over at Worth1000 for my methods edited volume called Research Confidential. The winner receives $150 and the chance to have the design show up as the book cover.

You may recall the thread here and over at Crooked Timber a while back regarding the book’s title. I received many great suggestions. In the end, an idea I got from Jonathan Zittrainwon out. The subtitle “Solutions to Problems Most Social Scientists Pretend They Never Have” came from a suggestion on the CT thread submitted by reader Vivian. Many thanks to both! (In fact, many thanks to all who participated in those helpful threads and convinced me to abandon my original idea.)

The title is not the only idea for which I owe JZ thanks. I’m following in his footsteps by running a contest for the cover design. His book on The Future of the Internet - And How To Stop It ended up with its cool cover this way.

The contest pagegives a brief summary of the book and some ideas I have for a cover design although I’m very eager to see all sorts of other suggestions. The site also lists technical specifications for submissions. The contest runs for a week. If you can think of friends who are good at this sort of thing, please pass the word along. And thanks to my publisher, The University of Michigan Press, for supporting this idea.

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Learn more about Eszter's work at her homepage and at her blog.