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Global Voices: Special Coverage from Thailand and Mumbai

Global Voices Online brings us special coverage from Thailand and Mumbai.

On November 24, anti-government protesters led by the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) surrounded the Parliament Building in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the next several days, protesters were able to takeover two of the city’s major airports, paralyzing air travel in the country.

From "Thailand: How will the airport chaos end?" by Mong Palatino:

As of this writing, the airport crisis is still not over. Dozens of empty planes were allowed to leave Bangkok, but protesters still control the two major airports in Thailand.

There are three protest centers in Thailand: The two airports and the Government House. The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), the organizer of the protests, has decided to leave the Government House after a grenade blastinside the complex injured scores of protesters last Saturday. PAD will now focus in maintaining its control of the airports. Will police allow PAD members to join their comrades in the two airports?  CONTINUED

Global Voices Online has been following the PAD protests since August 2008. Checkout their complete coverage.

Since November 26, Global Voices has also been providing special coverage of the terror attacks in Mumbai, India. Today, Javits Rajendran brings us "India: Poets on Mumbai Terror":

Nothing articulates your heart like a poem. Sometimes the complex composition of a poem simplifies complex issues of life, sometimes it helps you come in terms with your surroundings. Poets from India are saddened by the recent terror attacks in Mumbai. You will find them asking questions in their poetry and sometime they are even answering them for us. Here are a few snippets of their expressions.

A 12-year-old girl from Bangalore sets her thoughts on fire. Soon after the tragic news of the hostages at Nariman House being killed was aired, Lavanya shut herself in her room for about 15 minutes and later handed her dad Anand Krishna with a poem titled ‘The city that never slept, slept’.

[…]More lives are lost,
More battles fought.
The war was raging on,
The guns just fire everywhere,
Victory goes to no one.

The terrorists may be killed,
But the void of the lost loved one is never filled.
The roads are empty, there is no sound.
Mumbai, the city that never slept,
Slept long, deep and sound.[.]


See Global Voices full coverage of the Mumbai Attacks.

Global Voices has become a source for people around the world and mainstream media during moments such as these. Visit their Special Coverage page for extensive coverage of major news events, such as the US election, the South Ossetia crisis, and the Myanmar cyclone.

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