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United States v. Microsoft: 10 Years Later

United States v. Microsoft: 10 Years Later

one week away!

There is one week left to register for the United States v. Microsoft: 10 Years Later conference at Harvard Law School, hosted by the Berkman Center, taking place next Friday and Saturday, September 12-13. Registration is very limited, so reserve your spot now if you haven't already.

About the conference:

Ten years have passed since the U.S. Department of Justice and 20 states filed their landmark antitrust case against Microsoft and the trial of the lawsuit began in federal district court in Washington, D.C. This major conference, United States v. Microsoft: 10 Years Later, will look back over the last ten years and explore the lasting lessons and deeper meanings of the case for Microsoft, for the software and technology industries, and for antitrust law and enforcement.

The agenda for the conference has been updated, and includes keynote talks by Professor Jonathan Zittrain and Vice President and General Counsel of Microsoft Brad Smith, as well as panels that will address the various issues faced in a complex monopolization case, economic and legal lessons learned from this particular case, and what United States v. Microsoft meant to the journalism industry, and how it changed reporting.

More information, including participant and panelist information, can be found at the main conference website. Download the conference poster here.

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