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Fellowship Reflections

Community members reflect on the BKC fellowship program

Doaa Abu-Elyounes Quote

“My fellowship year at BKC was very stimulating academically, socially, and professionally. As a PhD student who doesn’t believe in being locked up in the library, BKC was a great place to meet, interact, and collaborate with like-minded people from diverse disciplines and different backgrounds. I especially enjoyed the ability to translate my academic knowledge into practice and to think with enthusiastic colleagues how can we broaden the scope of our work and expand it beyond the BKC network,” Doaa Abu-Elyounes

Emad Khazraee quote

“BKC is different from any other academic institution because of its uniquely diverse community which brings together scholars, activists, and practitioners from all corners of the world. The scholars at BKC may speak a dozen languages but they share a collective passion for inquiry and pushing intellectual boundaries. Through BKC, I had the opportunity to broaden my horizon and learn about research outside academe. It actually made me change my career path. I believe it was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had,” Emad Khazraee

 james Wahutu quote

“The Berkman Klein community is one of the most vibrant, open, supportive, and intellectually stimulating communities I have been a member of. Being a fellow not only introduced me to different ways to think through my work, but it also provided me the space to experiment with ideas and concepts that I think of as integral to my post-graduate school career. The Center is a space that fosters the pushing of boundaries in our work while providing a safe and supportive cocoon within which to do so,” james Wahutu 

Jenny Korn Quote

“One of the many advantages to this fellowship for me has been consistent support and enthusiasm about discussing issues related to race, diversity, racism, and justice. Coalescing around values of compassion and kindness is the kind of community I cherish, so please go on and apply...and reach out to any of us if you have questions. You’ll find lots of encouragement for your submission!” Jenny Korn

Crystal Nwaneri Quote

“Joining as a student fellow in particular made me appreciate the contributions I could make to the field of law and technology before I graduated by working and simply being an active member of the BKC community,” Crystal Nwaneri

Jonny Sun Quote

“Being part of the Berkman Klein community has changed the way I see the world and my place in it. I’ve been able to make so many new connections within and around my work, and it continues to take me in new and exciting directions that I know I would not be traveling if it weren’t for all the brilliant people I get to learn from at the Center,” Jonathan Sun

Meng Weng Wong Quote

“BKC’s network, opportunities, and relationships have broadened my perspective, educated me about ethical aspects of technology, and provided invaluable support toward achieving my goals,” Meng Weng Wong


 Nani Jansen Reventlow Quote

“The Berkman Klein community is a wonderful, multi-faceted grouping of people, skills and talents, that ends up inspiring and supporting you in ways you hadn’t expected and which you end up contributing to in ways you perhaps didn’t expect you could. Being part of the Berkman Klein community helped lift my work to a whole different level. Together, you can build amazing things,” Nani Jansen Reventlow

Paola Villarreal Quote

“Berkman Klein gave me the most important thing in my career: a community of peers who really want to see each other thrive. This is why when someone asks me if they should apply to be a fellow I say “no (longest possible pause) you must!” Paola Villarreal

Samer Hassan Quote

“I have been in several academic institutions, in multiple countries, and Berkman broke all of my expectations of what an academic institution is… Berkman is an academic institution, and yet more a community than an ivory tower, aiming to combine grassroots flavours without ignoring its privilege. Who would have said that I would find this, and in the middle of Harvard!” Samer Hassan

Sara Watson Quote

“Berkman Klein became a supportive community of people I can count on to read a draft of something I write before I post it, or to talk through a difficult decision and urge me to find my own voice. Parts of my work this year were challenging in unexpected ways, and I’m thankful to have had the support of this inspiring and encouraging group,” Sara Watson